We are a Director & DP Duo.

Two human beings, one Hometown. Raised surrounded by the same friends, teachers, and cows, our journey began in a small village nobody has ever heard of and currently locates us between Amsterdam and Berlin. What started as just two friends from high school who made some films became a shared interest in visual storytelling. Soon a new project started, ignited by the idea of combining personal interests with the medium film. We founded Hometown. Those earlier videos began to become elevated documentaries that went off to win film festivals around the globe and gather two Vimeo Staff Picks. At the same time, we also focused on a new world. Advertising.

Our philosophy.

Within our first three years, we managed to work for a wide range of brands, from car to beauty and lifestyle to humor. Creating stories with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Henkel, L‘Occitane, Flaconi, or Telekom. Always aiming to create a film that is not only about what’s trending but focussing on what suits the brand’s message best. Our storytelling is human-centered, it’s about using a broad toolset in order to whatever it takes to make an idea become reality. Sometimes fast-paced, sometimes slow and emotional, never boring, always memorable. It’s about adapting to each concept and being happy to face any challenge thrown into our direction. Hometown started out as friends, but has become much more than that.

Good to know:

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