This is our Hometown.

There are several theories about what Hometown is. A Place? A feeling?
To us, it is both and none of it. It‘s a journey we started together. It’s us portraying faces. It’s us collecting memories of places.
We are constantly looking for a mood, an emotion, a story. Searching for our Hometown.

It’s where we come from. It is a place we go to. 

We are a Director & DoP Duo

A wonderful story can loss its impact when shown in the wrong way. Outstanding pictures without meaning to it. We as a team combine both worlds and have created our own visual language throughout the last years. We are driven by our goal to tell authentic stories with a cinematic look.

Also, we decided to collect our search for beauty and create a Magazin.
We are answering to this Mail Address.
And are Represented by Triangle.